You Have Been Scooping Ice Cream Incorrectly Entire Life

August 29, 2016  —  By

An Ingenious Way to Scoop Super-Hard Ice Cream Easily


We are in the middle of summer. When the hot days start to roll in, you need some ice cream.However, hands up if you have had to deal with bent spoons, sprained wrists, and wasted minutes trying to scoop the ice cream out of that bowl. Well, guess what? That will never happen again. In fact, you have been scooping ice cream wrong all of this time…you just probably didn’t know it! Thankfully, the team at America’s Test Kitchen has your back!

Take a little look at the video below. As you can see, hot water is exactly what you need for this. Well, hot water and a knife. Start by running your knife under a hot tap. It doesn’t need to be for long. It just allows the knife to warm up so you can cut into that ice cream. After that, it is time for warm water on the ice cream scooper. You will have that ice cream out of that tub in a jiffy!


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