Why You Should Make Spiral Hot Dogs While Grilling

August 29, 2016  —  By

These are the BEST Summer Hot Dogs


We are in the midst of summer and that means one thing; BBQ!

Now, you can always crack out some burgers, maybe a few pieces of steak, and them some salad, just so you can pretend that you are being healthy, but we all know that it is about the meat. That gorgeous, succulent meat. So, why not check out this recipe which is a little bit different from the norm?

The team over at Chow Tips (they have their own YouTube channel) have thrown together this video guide on making some fantastic spiral hot dogs. All you need is a skewer, knife and your BBQ. You end up with some fantastic looking hot dogs which make a surprisingly good piece of food, and it is great as a conversation piece too!

One of the reasons as to why we loved these hot dogs is the fact that they cook ridiculously evenly. No more hot dogs which have been cooked incorrectly!


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