Watch This Man Build A Swimming Pool From Scratch

July 21, 2016  —  By

Always wanted a swimming pool in your garden but didn’t have the budget to build one? Neither did this guy! He decided to take matters into his own hands and build himself an above-ground pool. He even documented the process for you!

This is the final project:

Have An Above-Ground Pool? Up The Luxury Factor With This Awesome Deck Project


He started off by purchasing a standard above-ground pool. He cleared some space next to it to construct his temporary frame.



He started to dig holes to hold the support beams.



All holes were deep enough past the frost line for it to not cause any issues.



Plastic standoffs were added to the bottom of each post. This would ensure that the wood would not suffer rot by coming into contact with concrete.



A few inches of concrete were poured into each hole. The beams were then inserted.


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