Man Always Dreamed of a Kayak. Using His Own 2 Hands, He Got His Wish

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One New England resident had always dreamed of owning his own kayak. One day he decided he had waited enough, and he took constructions into his own hands. He had already built a canoe, but this was something completely different altogether.

He started by trialling the internet for a viable design for his kayak. There were a lot to choose from, but he got there in the end. He transferred the plans to graph paper and started to cut out the moulds from plywood.

The spine of the boat was made from spruce. It cost a little bit extra, but it was worth every penny when itr came to extra strength.

Once his mold was ready to go, he used a technique known as ’stitch and glue’ to solidify the structure of the boat. This involved stitching each piece of plywood with copper wire using epoxy resin. This happened over the entirity of the boat. Once the expoxy had hardened, the wire was removed.

The boat was then sanded, stained, and fiberglassed. This ensured that the boat would last as long as possible.

Each mold was then removed and he gave the finishing touches to his boat, giving it a good paint job and making it look gorgeous inside.


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A few years ago, Imgur DIY-er MaxeyMoxie dreamed up a plan. He would build his own wooden kayak, perfect for paddling along his native New England’s shoreline.

He’d previously built a wooden canoe with guidance, but had never before attempted a solo kayak-building mission.

This DIY-er immediately began searching the internet for a viable kayak design. Once he found plans that suited his fancy and properly transferred them onto graph paper, he got to work cutting out his station moulds from plywood.



He attached the station moulds to a strong back for added support.

This DIY-er then began construction on the kayak itself with the boat’s spine. He chose to make the spine out of spruce for added strength.

Next, he cut holes in each station mold so that he’d be able to clamp pieces of the boat together as he built the vessel’s remaining components.



Once he had all of the kayak’s plywood in place, this DIY-er used a stitch and glue technique to solidify the boat’s structure. He “stitched” each piece of plywood to the next with copper wire and then spread epoxy over the entire vessel.

After the epoxy hardened, he removed the copper wire.

He then sanded, stained, and fiberglassed the boat’s bottom, ensuring this vessel would weather years of wear and tear.



Next, this DIY-er detached the station molds from the strong back and flipped over his kayak.



He carefully removed each station mold from the kayak and then sanded, stained, and epoxied the boat’s interior.



Once the boat’s undercarriage’s structure was set, this DIY-er turned his attention to its decking.

He added marine-grade styrofoam underneath the boat’s decking, ensuring any rider would be safe during even the roughest of storms.

With the decking in place and the cockpit designated, this DIY-er sanded, stained, varnished, and epoxied the rest of his kayak.




Finally, it was time to take it on the waters of New England. 🙂


woodkayak_c-850x637[1]Man Builds Wooden Kayak With His Own Two Hands


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