Learn To Make An Amazing Doily Light Fixture At Home

May 1, 2016  —  By

Whenever I walk into a store like IKEA, I always wish to go home with a truck full of home goods. There’s something about walking through aisle after aisle of kitchen utensils, curtain rods, and light fixtures that just makes me think like a professional interior designer. I could spend hours in these stores just looking around and dreaming up the perfect home.

This doily DIY lamp is just perfect for anyone who wants to add a little bit of fancy flair to their home on a budget.

All you have to do it is grab some wallpaper paste, some old or new doilies, and a few simple crafting materials, and you’re just about a day away from your very own homemade lighting fixture.

You can get creative, and use as many colors and patterns as you like! You could also make a few varied sizes and wire them up together to create a whole lighting installment. Just use your imagination! With projects like this, you’ll never have to pine over pricey home goods again.

This light would look really wonderful right above this mirrored dresser, which you can also make in your own home.



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