How To Open A Padlock With Two Wrenches

March 13, 2016  —  By

Mr. Gear brings us a fascinating video about lock safety. Do you feel comfortable when you secure your home or belongs with a simple padlock? I think after watching this video, you might be second-guessing yourself a bit. I certainly was. With just two nut wrenches, he is able to open up a padlock of any size. All he does is grip the lock with the two wrenches, then squeeze them together. The combined force easily pops the padlock open.

According to State Farm: “However, this type of lock is vulnerable in several ways. Devices other than the properly fitting key can be used to release the pressure keeping the spring in place, allowing for release of the bolt for burglars. More forceful intruders can smash the doorknob and lock from the door with a hammer or wrench. A protective metal plate to reinforce the wood around the doorknob is recommended to prevent this.”

So what does this mean? To choose carefully when looking to secure your things and consider the environment. If you’re a parent baby-proofing a few cabinets in the kitchen, a padlock will do fine. But if you’re using a padlock to chain up a bike in a public place or to secure something valuable, think again. Instead choose a safe, deadbolt lock, or a steel shackle lock.

Watch this video about it..

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