How To Build Terra Cotta Fountain

May 17, 2016  —  By

Terra Cotta Fountain

There are some people who dream about building their own terra cotta fountain. If you are a person like that, you would love this DIY project. This video explains about the steps that you will have to follow when making your own terra cotta fountain at home. You can simply place it on your table top and it would add color to your entire office room or home.

To make a Terra Cotta fountain, you will need:
  • 14-inch, Terra Cotta saucer (1)
  • 7-inch, Terra Cotta saucer (1)
  • 6-inch, Terra Cotta saucer (1)
  • 4-inch, Terra Cotta saucer (3)
  • 6-inch, Terra Cotta flower pot (1)
  • 4-inch, Terra Cotta flower pot (1)
  • Fountain pump
  • Plastic tubing
  • Silicon sealer
  • Clear spray sealer
  • Round file
  • Drill & Masonry bit
Begin by making the saucers waterproof. You can achieve this by spraying them with clear spray sealer. Then, you can begin assembling your fountain, and add decorative elements in the end.

Check out the detailed video tutorial to guide you through each step in order to build your very own Terra Cotta fountain.

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