Creative And Fun Ways to Add Some Green to Your Indoor

January 1, 2017  —  By

Creative Ways to Add Some Green to Your Indoor


Plants add character to living space, enhance the oxygen levels and even help to cleanse the air naturally.  Here are some great ideas for beautifying with plants.


  1. Do you have some beautiful tea cups that you don’t seem to use often? You can grow herbs in them and add function and beauty to your kitchen.  Think of being able to pick fresh herbs from a pretty windowsill garden!


  1. Recycle wine bottles, or even plastic soda bottles, by cutting them apart, and then making a gorgeous planter. Your plant will be able to be well watered without a huge amount of effort on your part.  Perfect reuse to add green beauty to your home.


  1. Make a terrarium from on old fishbowl or a lovely large vase that is hiding in a cupboard. You can use different varieties of plants, and even change them out periodically to vary your decor.  Easy to make and have around.

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