Clever Ideas You Can Try With Egg Cartons

January 3, 2017  —  By
  1. Fire starters out of egg cartons! If you will be building any kind of campfire or a fire in the fireplace, you will need materials for getting the fire started.  Put lint from the dryer vent into the bowl of the egg cartons, and pour melted wax into the little bowls.  This makes a lovely starter for your fire!


  1. A unique sewing kit from egg cartons! You can place the small needed items into the egg carton, and the lid will securely shut!  Be as creative as you want, and put in the items you find you need the most!


  1. Baby sock organizer. Do you have a little one at home?  Those teeny tiny socks are difficult to keep together and organize so you can use them when your little one needs them.  Well, an egg carton is a wonderful way.  One set of socks in each cup and your baby’s socks will stay right where you need them.

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