Clever Ideas You Can Try With Egg Cartons

January 3, 2017  —  By

Clever Ideas You Can Try With Egg Cartons

You use all the eggs in the carton, and what do you do with it?  You can throw it away, or maybe even better, you can recycle it into something creative!  Take a look below and get some great ideas that will spark your imagination.


  1. Do your children like to paint? It makes a mess and it is difficult to keep the paints separated for fun use.  Use your unneeded egg cartons to make a unique palatte for your paint colors.  One color per egg spot and you will have a full palate for painting fun!


  1. Organizing condiments. As you organize your refrigerator, those condiment bottles are just difficult to get organized.  Using an egg carton will hold your condiment bottles well and protect your refrigerator from spillage.

  1. A truly unique and wonderful seed starting bed! Use your empty egg carton, and the left over egg shells from your breakfast of scrambled eggs.  Make a wonderful, natural seed starter for you spring gardening dreams.

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