9 Artistic Ways To Easily Reuse Old Newspapers

January 9, 2017  —  By

Artistic Ways You Can Easily Do With Newspapers


Most of us love to read daily news from a newspaper. But, after reading it, we simply toss it around or pile it and leave it in a corner until it gets dusty and dirty. Now is the time to change that habit because this simple type of paper can be made into something that looks fascinating and classy. After making one of this, it will surely change your point of view about basic materials.


  1. Newspaper lamp. This trick will make your simple looking lamp turn into something captivating.

     Photo: www.catchmyparty.com


  1. Another thing you can do with newspapers is to make it as a frame. The rose frame is undeniably thrilling.

    Photo: www.michelemademe.blogspot.com


  1. How about filling your plain looking ceiling with newspaper pages? Look how classical it is. It is perfect if you do this in your reading room. It will give you a really good reading vibe. Every time you look up, you can see different printed words which are best to satisfy your bookworm soul.

    Photo: thespacebetweenblog.net

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