Artist Carves Charming Wooden Spoons Completely By Hand

May 19, 2016  —  By

Giles Newman is a graphic designer, who sits in front of the computer throughout the entire day. However, he prefers to go out in the weekends. In fact, he loves to go to the woods of North Wales and experience the timeless wilderness around him. This inspired him to create wooden spoons. After

spending some time with experiments, he discovered a unique way to make spoons through this own hands. You would definitely be surprised to see how a digital artist creates these wooden spoons on his own.



Giles Newman works as a graphic designer, but when he’s not doing that, he’s creating these hand-carved wooden spoons using ancient techniques.

That means no power tools went into making any of these.



Instead, each spoon you see, down to its smallest detail, was created using chisels and knives. That also means that no two are ever alike.



He collects pieces of wood from the forest, sketches out his design, and starts carving and whittling until the spoon emerges.



Newman turns the handles of his spoons into animals…



…and plants…

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