8 of the Most Unique Kitchen Hacks and Gadgets You Must Check

January 1, 2017  —  By
  1. Along the lines of whimsy, your favorite tea lover simply will not be able to resist this lovely manatee who will make tea while it makes you smile!

It sits cutely on the edge of your mug and steeps the perfect brew!


  1. Love to make cookies but hate to fuss with the decorating? These rolling pins are for you then.

Simply get your cookie dough rolled out, and then roll the texturized rolling pin to create uniquely decorated cookies to enjoy.  They even come in smaller sizes for little ones’ hands!


  1. Do you find yourself going back and forth across your kitchen as you wash and then cut up your vegetables? Save yourself some steps and aggravation with an over the sink cutting board that also has a strainer for washing foods.

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