8 of the Most Unique Kitchen Hacks and Gadgets You Must Check

January 1, 2017  —  By

Upgrade Your Kitchen with These DIY Tips



For nearly everyone, the kitchen is a place that we regularly work in.  There are some people who greatly enjoy cooking, but even if you do, you still want any tool that might make the work easier.  And those who don’t enjoy cooking will completely relish anything that makes the jobs easier!


  1. Do you love bananas on your cereal? Or to feed to your little one?  Well, this slicer will make it easy and fun to cut up your bananas into the perfect slices!


  1. Do you find yourself constantly chopping herbs, or avoiding using fresh herbs because they take so much chopping?

Here is your solution!  The perfect scissors that will chop them all up for you with just one clip.


  1. Have you ever had your soup ladle disappear into your pot of soup? It is no fun trying to fish it out, not to mention, surely not appetizing.

Here is a soup ladle that will stand up on its own feet, and with a bit of whimsy that gives you a colorful Loch Ness monster in your kettle.

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