8 Ideas for Reusing Mason Jars

September 22, 2016  â€”  By



Chances are, you have a few mason jars stored away in your cabinets. If not, they are really easy to find at secondhand stores of even many department stores. Here are 8 creative ideas for turning those plain jars into something useful!


Bathroom Organizer

This bathroom organizer is super easy to make! All you need are a few mason jars, metal banding, and a simple piece of wood. This awesome idea will save you counter space and help to keep your bathroom organized!

Bathroom Organizer



Herb Planters

We all love the option of having fresh herbs when we cook a meal. This super simple Mason Jar planter will not only add nice decor to your kitchen, but, it will allow you to always have fresh herbs readily available.

Herb Planters


Outdoor Patio Lighting

This outdoor mason jar lighting will add charm to your patio.  Everything in this project can be reused from things you likely have around the house already.




Homemade Bird Feeder

The birds in your yard will be thankful for you to complete this project! Here you can turn a mason jar into a bird feeder!

Bird Feeder


Holiday Decor

You can be super creative when it comes to mason jars and holiday decorations. You can paint them to suit whichever theme you like. Here, this jar was turned into a cute snowman!

Holiday Decor

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