8 Awesome Things You Can Do with Used Paper Cups

January 8, 2017  —  By

Awesome Things You Can Do With Used Paper Cups


You’ll never know a simple object you often see in the trash can be made into a very beautiful craft.  Paper cups are the most common drink ware that are used today. The wonder of this object can be seen once it is already used because, you can turn this simple thing into something magical. We handpicked the best list of ideas on how you can turn used paper cups into good use. So, the next time you see one you know what to do about it.


  1. Want to make your party stand out? How about you use some pretty cool ice shot glasses? You can make these by using paper cups as your mold. You just need to have a larger and smaller cup. Pour a drink on the larger cup, then, put the smaller cup inside with stones just to add weight and put a duct tape above in order to prevent the cup from lifting. Put it inside the freezer and that’s all.

Photo: www.intimateweddings.com

  1. Use paper cups to turn your lights into something stylish. You can use it as a design in your bedroom.

Photo: www.flickr.com/33024799@N02

  1. How about some flowers that cannot be withered? 

    Photo: www.creativejewishmom.com

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