7 Random Smart Life Hacks to Simplify your Days

February 12, 2017  —  By

Randomly Smart Life Hacks to Simplify your Days

A smart life is one where you simplify otherwise clumsy looking things into convenient hacks. And that is precisely what we are going to speak about today – commonplace life hacks that make you way smarter and project a positive persona. Here, grab a bite.


  1. Hold drinks with the left hand in parties

Unless you use the southpaw, it is a smart move to hold the drink with the left hand. You need to shake hands quite often and swapping doesn’t look couth all the time.

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  1. Tag a GPS device to your keys

Are you forgetful about keys? Never mind. Simply tag one of those fancy GPS-enabled devices to the keys. Your phone can find the keys if you misplace them.

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