3 Clever Hacks to Get You the Ripest Watermelon at the Grocery Store

August 31, 2016  —  By


Head to any supermarket and you will, most likely, see people testing the fruit there. After all, they all want to make sure that they get the ripest piece possible, right? One piece of fruit that you never see them do it with however is the good old watermelon. No idea as to why, people just don’t. You know better, though. That is why you are going to follow these tips on guaranteeing yourself the ripest watermelon:

  1. When you pick up the watermelon, it should feel ’heavy’. Basically, a ripe melon is going to feel heavy for its size. You want to surprise yourself. If a watermelon is light, it is not ripe.
  2. Knock on the watermelon. A ripe watermelon should ’sound’ hollow.
  3. Finally, check the bottom of the watermelon. There will be a yellow spot on it. The smaller this yellow spot is, the riper the watermelon is going to be.


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